Young Hermes

(abstracts from the „sculptor from tyana“)

You must have heard about it: I'm no beginner
Quite a few stones pass from my hands
And back home, at Tyana, I'm a famous person.
Here, as well, many statues have the senators ordered to me.
I can show you some, right away
Observe this Rea: venerable, full of fortitude, age-long.
Look at Pompeius. Maruis, Aemilius Paulus, Scipio the African. –
Each model made as exact as possible.
Lately, I´ve been working on a Neptune. I must portray his horses obviously light, their bodies, their legs running on the waters, not on earth.
But, of all my works, here is the one I mostly love: with all my care and affection He was shaped a cold winter night, considering ideals of HIM I have been dreaming: YOUNG HERMES.
Kostis P. Kanafis (Transcription-Translation Silia K. Tsekeri)