Much more than just going abroad ...

German people are known world wide by their especial interest on travelling to different countries ... you can find one almost everywhere!

Maybe that's the reason why AIESEC, the largest international student run organisation of the world, has one of it's more important chapters in this country, not only because here are around 69 Local Committees, but because have an average of 200 traineeship exchanges per year.

But AIESEC is much more than just an opportunity to travel for few months. AIESEC is providing truly learning experiences for students in all the world trough it's unique International Traineeship Exchange Program that combines cultural, working and developing experience in a long term learning process that includes a special preparation program, reception and integration to the culture and the procedures to apply this experience when return.

All this with a very specific purpose: provide each member, trainee and person how gets in touch with the association the chance to develop values and skills as cultural understanding, global vision, leadership and social responsibility as a contribution to the development of our countries.

May sound a dream, but it is a reality. AIESEC had been working for more that 50 years and keeps doing thinks for the world with it's traineeships and relevant projects around them as AIESEC meets EXPO 2000, QUADRIGA 2000 and much more. (

So, if do you want to know a youth, learning and visionary organisation that is in 85 countries, have 60.000 members and is working to have better world, visit the web site or go to the office in the top of the Tower!

AIESEC Lina Maria Echeverri